FREESTYLED Announcement


Your girl has a new design series on HGTV and is super excited to share this once in a life time opportunity with the world!



WHO: HGTV  X  Adar Kirkam 

WHAT: FREESTYLED - A fresh new design series that takes place in Detroit, Michigan. Designer and Host Adar Kirkham has $1,500 and 24 hours to tweak one room in her clients home with using pieces they already have. Now ya'll know Adar is up for the challenge! 

WHEN: 7/24 12pm EST - Every Sunday following through 8/28




You can also watch all 6 episodes on HGTV's digital platforms InstagramFacebook and Tiktok #HGTVfreestyled

 WHY: Get inspired to get your your tweak on! Take away creative and affordable DIY tips that will give you the spark you need to tackle and achieve your dream home. 

FREESTYLED is a fun outside the box design show you can digest and relate to! 

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Calico - Danny and Gene Lee

HGTV - Marianne Canada and team

Justin Herman and the entire FREESTYLED pre and post production crew

Design Team - Angie Hartley and Jack Schmier

Casting Director - Tara Flanagan


To my husband Tyrel, my Girl Gang and my entire family - Thanks for believing in me ... Couldn't have done this one without ya! 

This one's for you Dad







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