The Swanky Sunroom


THIS BEFORE !!! Probably the most intimidating space I designed on the show ... but bursting with sooooo much potential. I knew that with a good deep clean and a gallon of black paint ( or 2 or 3 ) would work wonders in this sunroom. Let's get into it!

MY VISION - Swanky Sunroom

So much for my new crisp white Converse sneakers! With the help of my art team ( Angie, Jack and Delaney) we had this room 'so fresh and so clean clean' in no time. 

As you can imagine, it took quite a while to paint ceiling, all window trim, brick pillars and wall in black. Lots of patience to get all in the grooves of ceiling boards and masonry ... but well worth it once complete! We actually added a 12+ inch paint border on the floor so that our 9 x12 area rug appeared as if it were wall to wall carpeting.



Jack was on a mission to install a wire curtain system (from Ikea) around the 3 window walls to create privacy from neighbors and also to soften the rough edges of the space and provide that resort-like kind of mood. After paint, I think the white linen curtains were the most impactful design change that really transports you to a relaxing indoor outdoor hangout area. 


Meanwhile, outside we were working on the star of the room ... THE 1968 penny tile coffee table. And by WE I have to mention one of the best parts about this episode. My sister Cehara was here! My husband Tyrel surprised me and flew her out from NJ to be a part of the last episode.


THE 1968 penny tile table was a huge hit this episode. I really wanted to highlight the history of the home and what 1968 meant to the Mitchell family. I will say, it took quite a bit of measurements, calculations and mathematics to get this beauty right but we did it! Shout out to Ghost, one of the camera guys that jumped in to save the day.

Now it was time for some color! I decided to do their stools in chartreuse for some pop amongst the black and white and pair it with a black modern table for all of Daway's entertaining. The original french doors were in pretty bad shape, so I embraced the aged wear and tear and highlighted their imperfections with some metallic. Originally planned to paint all black, but once everything else was black I figured the doors were another opportunity to add interest to the back wall.  

The wrought iron bench and chair got an instant upgrade with black spray paint and new stripe cushions. Soft seating was key! I wanted Brandy to really feel she could kick back and relax and read a book on a rainy day.



Adding some finishing touches on the penny tile table... and now it's time to put it all together! 


First up, linen curtains and geometric area rug. Since we couldn't achieve the floor tile look in my mood board above within budget and in 24 hrs, we thought a bold print area rug was a more cost effective and timing saving solution.


I added a small bookcase in the corner( with some duct tape stripes ), lots of pants and some neutral wall art ( Shout out to Cehara for finding that wall piece in another room in the home. HA! ) It was the perfect find to bring the reading nook together.



After adding some bistro lights and additional plants from the ceiling and swapping out the light fixture ... it was time for the big reveal! Brandy and Daway were so nervous! - Which of course made me nervous. But I was really confident in my design and kept flashing back to how this space used to look. NIGHT AND DAY.  I knew they just had to love it.




Watch the full episode of HGTV's FREESTYLED - Episode 2

Until next week!

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